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Exterior Detail

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Exterior Detailing 

Vehicle body and under wheel arches rinsed of excess dirt

Alloy wheels cleaned (Acid Free wheel Cleaner) (Wheels can also be removed and cleaned )

Suspension area ( optional )

Hand wash with conditioning shampoo

Exhaust tail pipes cleaned and polished
Power wash rinse 

Mircofibrer Cloth dried

Clay bar treatment ( Cleansing Process )

1 - 6 stage paint correction ( Depending on age and condition )

All door, bonnet and boot shuts and hinges cleaned and polished
Glass lights cleaned and polished

Exterior Windows Polished

Rain repellent on Front windscreen, front passenger and driver window
Tyres cleaned, dressed  and wheels polished
Carnuba Wax Finish ( Minimum 3 level )

Addon Services

G3 - Glasscoat Paint Protection

Car Badges removed 

Engine clean/detail

Rain Repellent on all windows